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Rocking the Business Boat with Tulips, Old fashioned Etiquette, and Podcast

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Hullo! It’s been a minute, but here we are, back with another blog post! Can you believe that Key Grip Virtual is gearing up to celebrate its third anniversary? As any savvy entrepreneur can attest, the business landscape is a perpetual dance of continual change, mirroring not only its own growth but the personal development of those navigating its twists and turns.

Three years ago, Key Grip Virtual stepped onto the scene as a virtual assistance provider, a beacon for small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking streamlined operations and relief from the grind of routine tasks that shackled their creative energies, keeping them working in their businesses rather than on them. The passion for what we do remains strong, however, over the past couple of years, we’ve taken a pivot, shifting into a role that goes beyond administrative assistance, delving deeper into consulting and operational support. We’re so exciting about the promising horizons these new paths reveal, and we’re actively working towards crafting a space where business and humanity seamlessly coexist.

As we approach our third anniversary on January 26th, 2024, we realized it’s not just about marking time; it’s about sharing some pivotal updates that herald in the next chapter of Key Grip Virtual. So, if you’ve been perched on the edge of your seat, wondering what’s cooking at KGV this year, grab a cup of coffee and settle in while we walk you through the exciting adventures that await.

Every good story starts at the beginning and for the sake of clarity, let’s rewind back to November, when we launched Tulip Harbour. At Key Grip, we have always said the heart of business is people – a truth that resonates deeply. In recognizing that every employee, business owner, leader, or entrepreneur is more than just the business, we knew that we had something to offer that would provide perspective beyond the realm of work. While Key Grip continues to shed light on the professional side of life, Tulip Harbour opens the door to the personal narratives that define our identities and cultivate our purpose.

Amid the excitement of Tulip Harbour’s debut, questions surfaced about Katrina’s role at KGV. Let’s clear the air – she’s not stepping away. Embracing a more hands-on role at Tulip Harbour, Katrina remains firmly anchored in KGV, with Tulip Harbour being another branch of the business. The interplay between Key Grip and Tulip Harbour reflects our commitment to striking the balance between the personal and professional. It’s not a departure but an expansion—a richer, more holistic approach to the diverse dimensions of life and work. In this, we find a modern synthesis, blending tradition with innovation to create a tapestry that resonates with the contemporary cadence of this dynamic era.

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If you’ve been following us closely, you might have noticed a departure from our usual January book pick this year. This subtle shift is part of a broader change in our content strategy, one that reflects our commitment to adaptability and innovation, and we believe this change will pave the way for a more immersive and cohesive experience.

We are introducing quarterly themes and getting more intentional with the content we share across the board!  This quarter we’ll kick things off with “A Return to Traditional Values in Business” as we aim to revisit the timeless principles that have often fallen by the wayside in the fast-paced evolution of modern business. It’s a deliberate step back to reflect on the traditional values that form the bedrock of ethical conduct, integrity, and genuine connections – values that we believe aren’t always evident in today’s dynamic landscape.

To anchor this theme, we’ve selected “Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behaviour” by Judith Martin as our inaugural book pick. This choice is intentional and poignant, as the book serves as a compass, guiding us through the intricate terrain of traditional etiquette. In a world where interactions have become increasingly digital and transactional, Miss Manners’ wisdom invites us to reconsider the profound impact of politeness, respect, and courtesy in our personal and professional lives.

Katrina selected our book this month while digging through the archives of material studied during the time she spent in finishing school, which adds an additional dash of authenticity to our exploration of traditional values so we’re not just flipping through the pages of a book; we are sharing fresh perspectives on how traditional values can find a meaningful place in the contemporary landscape of business.

Aside from a unique book pick, each quarter you can expect supporting social content and blog posts, AND (wait for it) podcast conversations! Yup, you heard that right, we’re launching our very own podcast, Iron Squared, this Friday.

Iron Squared Podcast logo with a sword included in the logo

This audio adventure goes beyond the borders of business, seamlessly intertwining personal and professional narratives. Inspired by the concept of iron refining itself through contact with another, Iron Squared commits to offering engaging conversations that spark inspiration for enhancing your skills, abilities, and character. You’ll be able to listen in on Spotify and YouTube, so be sure to check in Friday when our first episode drops.

And there you have it, the Cliff’s notes of what’s up at KGV in 2024. As we reflect on the past three years, we’re so grateful for our clients, our team, and our communities that allow us to keep doing what we love and pushing the boundaries to breath life into fresh ideas.

So, join us on this journey! Follow our blog for deep dives into the quarterly themes, engage with us on social media for real-time conversations, and tune in to Iron Squared for a captivating auditory experience. Let’s celebrate the past three years and look forward to the countless possibilities that lie ahead.

Here’s to new beginnings, shared stories, and collective growth. Happy third anniversary, Key Grip Virtual!

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