We know that no two projects are ever the same and the support needed can (and often does) look very different for each client. For this reason, we offer a variety of service options rather than specific packages.

Virtual Assistance

Includes services such as:

  • Administrative support
  • Executive support
  • Creative support
  • Technological support

Packages are customized to suit.
Day-to-day ongoing support within a variety of tasks.

Virtual Operations

Includes services such as:

  • Develop and document workflow processes
  • Streamline systems and software
  • Training and recruiting
  • Input and strategies to improve productivity

Packages are customized to suit.
Targeted focus on organizational structure and optimizing workflows to increase overall efficiency.

Virtual Consulting

Includes services such as:

  • Evaluate core operational processes
  • Comprehensive GAP analysis
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Strategic planning and goal setting

Packages are customized to suit.
Access experienced advice, insight, and actionable solutions specific to your business.

You Might Be Wondering….

A VA, or virtual assistant, works behind the scenes to provide remote support in an array of services that allows you (the business owner, entrepreneur, or solopreneur) the ability to free up valuable time and focus more on what you love. This could mean time directly back in your pocket or the opportunity to more specifically focus on growing, scaling, and developing your business further.

While a virtual assistant does not hold a physical presence within the companies they work with, VAs absolutely become a vital member of your team.

Virtual operations refers to having a dedicated, virtual team member who is primarily concerned with managing the workflows within your business with the goal of streamlining systems, optimizing daily activities, maximizing efficiency, and improving overall performance across the board.

Virtual consulting provides you with a professional who is passionate about the success of your business. They will take a deep dive into your business and then provide you with information, insight, and actionable solutions specific to your business and geared towards problem-solving, as well as, positioning the company to scale and grow.

A discovery call serves as an introduction between Key Grip Virtual and potential clients. It’s an opportunity to get to know one another and determine if we would be a good fit and work well together.

A discovery call is booked out for 60 minutes and takes place on a virtual meeting platform. They are free and hold zero obligations.

During the call, we will discuss the current pain points your business is experiencing, possible solutions, and service options available.

No two clients have exactly the same needs, and projects are quoted out differently than ongoing support. For that reason, we will always follow up the initial discovery call with a quote that includes a breakdown of services and, as necessary, estimated timelines. Once a potential client has reviewed and accepted the quote, we’ll write up a contract.

On average, these are prepared for 3–6-month intervals. Moving forward, we continue to assess the overall workload and time commitment and have regular client check-ins to ensure we’re all on the same page.

When you choose to work with Key Grip, you are partnering with a team of virtual professionals dedicated to seeing you succeed.

That being said, you will be designated one individual as your main point of contact who will run point on your project, leaning on the team at KGV for support as needed. This allows you to work directly with one individual while harnessing the power of a complete team.

Get what you need to take your business to the next level!